Support the Monastery

It has been a great tradition for centuries that Monasteries have been surrounded by people, by lay and clerical that support the community with both prayer and financial support. Our Lady of Good Hope is no different and we appreciate any financial and prayer support that you may offer. We invite those who would like to join us formally in prayer to consider becoming an Oblate of our community.

Tax-Deductible Donations to support the monastery financially are most welcome.

Donate Online with Credit Card or Bank Details

An online form will pop-up. You can choose what purpose your donation should be used for and if it is for a Mass Intention, please type in the intention or the name of the deceased friend or relative to be remembered at our monthly Requiem.

If you have difficulties, you can navigate directly to the DONATION PAGE. Please consider covering the donation fees.

Send a Check

Checks may be made out to Stilfontein Priory.

Mail to:
Stilfontein Priory
11264 King’s Highway
Montross, VA 22520

A tax deductible receipt, if requested, will be sent at the beginning of each year.

Amazon Needs

You may also purchase items on Amazon and have them sent to us directly.